Sally Stokes Jim Clark's girlfriend 1964
Alonso's wife 2007
Bourdais wife 2008
Pam Scheckter explains that Jody was second Monaco 1976

Rosanne Mansel 1992 Mexico
Froilan Gonzalez kissed by his wife 1954
Phil Hill and his wife in late 50's
Mrs Ickx 1970
Mrs Stewart early sixties
Massa's wife 2008
Coultard's girl

friend 2008

Stirlings girl Naples 1950
James Hunt and his wife Suzy in '76
Mrs Siffert le Mans 1967
Mrs henry Ford II 1967
Prost with Nelson piquet's girlfriend 1983
McLaren trailer 1991 someone's girlfriend
Damon Hill's Wife
a girl friend

sebring 1989

Donald Campbell's Wife watches his attempt on World Land Speed Record in Australia
Eddie Irvine with Luciana Morad (Brazilian Model)
James Hunt with 'Miss World' 1976
Mrs Hall (Jim) mid sixties

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Sally later got fed up with waiting and married another guy
Moss LM'59 playing Katie and Stirling's secretary Valerie