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Firstly I was concerned about the environment before most of you (were born even) - I began a years study for my degree in Architecture in 1968 it was called 'The Third Horseman of the Apocalypse" which for those who are not into that sort of reading is FAMINE.

Basically it covered every issue: food, birthrate, pollution, sea life, farming, 3rd World, us, etc. it was a very good basis to start from for a life of study.

It has always left me angry, often sickened, totally convinced of our total failure to sort out an easy fixable problem.

I will give you a first incite and write much more later:

in 1968 the world population was estimated at 4.7 billion people it is now over 6 billion.

if a country doubles its population in 20 years just to stay as poor it has to double everything - food, roads, hospitals, telephones, 20 years

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Don't worry about pollution:

How-16-ships-create-as much pollution as all cars in the world.html

If you Care and we do

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