David Carr

A friend of mine died yesterday nov 17 2008 - good man - a man that did his best for everyone. His family, his friends and close acquaintances will miss him.

He was very important to a lot of racing fans and constructors and drivers.

You heard of a man called Keith Duckworth who designed the best Formula One engine for FoMoCo.

But what you never knew about was that the blocks were poured at the Ford Plant in Essex, (UK) and the first ones continually failed. At high rev.'s they holed.

The man that had years of experience making engine blocks spoke quietly to Keith Duckworth and suggested a slight modification which he Dave Carr then put into action.

So my friend Dave had helped make one of the most successful racing engines work and we all had years of pleasure watching the best drivers in the world racing Formula One and sportscars.

Thank you David

Author: ArchitectPage