Chris Page: Designer - Architect Qualified - hobby: Sailing Catamarans

Richard Page: VBA Developer in the City of London - hobby: Snowboarding

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first family car Vauxhall Velox '54
second family car Vauxhall Velox '56
VW Golf supercharged to 2006-2008
V-12 XJS owned now
V-8 Vantage 2005-6
Hillmam Imp 1968 & 'another in '70
third family car Vauxhall Cresta '58
fourth family car Singer Gazelle '60
fifth family car Triumph Herald '62
2 car family car Mini Clubman with Opel Record
my first car (at 28) a Renault 4 - best car ever built
my second car (at 28) a 3-litre Rover Saloon
wife's car (at 28) an MG Midget
family car 1300 Capri 1970
family cars 2 Scimitars
wife's cars Austin 1100's 2 No.
wife's cars Ford Cortina Mk II 1600
my car 104 Peugeot
my car Rover 3500
my car 305 estate Peugeot
my car BX 19 GT
my car 2 litre XM
my car 1.9 Xantia
with BX 19 GTI 4X4
with Fiat Bravo 155 20v HGT
our car 126 Fiat
wife's company car 132 Fiat
wife's company car Fiat Strada
my only company car Montego
In the competition for worst car ever built this was it.

First time I took my wife out for a drive she asked "What's wrong with it?" She thought (after the French cars) the suspension was broken. No your fillings are supposed to be shaken out every journey.

You could never ride in the back the seats were always ringing wet - if it rained the water came in round the brake lights and by clever design all ended in the water tight rear seat cushion holders.

Author: ArchitectPage

Renault Laguna 2008 (baby)
Fiat Stilo
If we thought the Montego was bad we were to be shocked by how unbelievably bad was the Renault to own and fuel consumption heavy except on a motorway in 6th. Every item was poor - lifeless dirty performance, mirrors moved anytime usually to look at the ground seat would move the second you got out, it would lock anytime it felt like it and windows close driving or stationary - if we swapped drivers we were terrified the car would lock itself as we walked round with the engine running - so we endlessly turned the engine off.

We will never find a worse car

407 Coupe (classic)
C5 Estate
Audi A6 Coupe
Fiat Multipla
BMW 318 classic
Peugeot 407 Estate Deisel
trashed in 2019

got 2 Qashkai

sent back

getting a Porsche

2 liter Qashkai

trashed in 2021

1600 choped for VW
2litre ghia ford focus estate
the Porsche