Post 1945 Drivers

Argentinian retired from F1 in 1958

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Mike Hawthorn

Jack Brabham

Stirling Moss

Juan Manuel Fangio Fangio's towering skill was matched by his shrewdness when it came to moving from team to team and his inspirational qualities gained him the respect and regard of his rivals in a manner seldom matched in subsequent generations. He was a master tactician with unswerving judgment and a physical resilience bred from racing rugged Fordengined specials on dusty roads across South America. In retirement Fangio remained an iconic figure, his reserved and formal demeanour somehow adding to his undisputed greatness.

Born June 241911; Balcarce, Argentina.

Died July 17, 1995; Buenos Aires.

Formula One career 1950-58. Grands Prix 51. Wins 24.

World champion 1951, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957.

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