He hired drivers by handshake. I do not recall a lawyer ever being involved in negotiations or contracts. His personal charm and persuasive cajoling brought every star sooner or later behind the wheel of a Porsche racing car for very little money. I remember him trying to get Jackie Stewart to race for Porsche in Le Mans. "Well" Jackie said on the phone, "What are you offering me Huschke?" "Offering? You mean money? But Jackie, it is an honor to drive for us". Jackie chuckled and declined, but few stars did. Huschke invented the company racing and spending philosophy: "We are the biblical David (small) pitched against the biblical Goliath (big) like Mercedes, Ford, Ferrari, GM. We are small but we have guts to lay it on the line against the big guys". We hammered that point home in every press release. I can hear him now talking to the legendary Mercedes PR Director Artur Keser. "Arturo, Arturo, you know we are sooooo small compared to you. You can entertain all the journalists in big style, while we out here in the suburbs have to make do. We just have to be more original and come up with better ideas to make up for it". Part of that was an act, but part of it was true, Huschke tried to fulfill big aspirations for Porsche on a very small budget.

Quote from his PA of the time

Von Hanstein


Motor Racing Director - Porsche

He invented 'Public Relations'

at Le Mans
on a BMW

Helmouth Bott

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