Post 1945 Drivers

Giles Villeneuve



Born in 1950 and died on May 08 1982 in a practice crash for the Belgian GP. Although very good at driving his Ferrari in F1 he only won six Grand Prix and came second in the World Championship '81.

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son Jacques

Gilles heroic qualities left his fans and critics sharply divided when it came to assessing his overall performance.

Was he an indisciplined rowdy whose opposite-lock, tyre-smoking antics were simply a waste of time?

Or was he a man whose sheer passion embodied all the romantic, traditional qualities which make motor racing such a compelling entertainment?

Villeneuve drove with the Ferrari team for most of his career, having struck up a fine personal rapport with its patriarchal owner Enzo.

He was died trying to qualify for the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix at Zolder.

Born January 18 1950; Berthieville, Quebec.

Died May 8 1982

Formula One career 1977-82.

Grands Prix 67. Wins 6.

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