Sonic Wind is a rocket powered vehicle designed and constructed to exceed the speed of sound on ice. Its initial goal is to set a new Land Speed Record on ice over the current 247 mph record. With a body that was originally designed for speeds in excess of Mach 2 and a rocket engine from a record setting supersonic test plane, the X-1, Sonic Wind has a speed potential far in excess of its first 247 mph goal. These photos were taken at a static test in the desert where Sonic Wind was chained down and fired up to check all systems. It was starting to get dark, so the photos may not be great, but they do show the power of the rocket engine. If early testing goes well and Sonic Wind sets a new ice record, the plan is to push Sonic Wind to higher speeds. If it handles well at 300 mph, it will be pushed up to 400 mph and then on to 500 mph and then upward to its design speed of 900 mph and possibly even to 1000 mph!


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