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Australian Attempt at world land speed record

1000 mph Max-x


Aussie Invader World Land Speed Challenge team headed by the 'Fastest Aussie on Earth', Rosco McGlashan OAM, are building their new Land Speed Record vehicle featuring 300,000 horses of LOX / JP5 rocket power.The unique design by project engineers and designers John 'Ackers' Akroyd and Dr. Ian Sutherland shows that Aussie Invader 5R (R for rocket) will be much larger than the jet powered Aussie Invader 2 and 3 Land Speed Record vehicles. To accommodate the fuel cells required it is being built at over 55 feet in length and almost 10 feet in tailfin height.

previous attempt

AUSSIE INVADER 3 (1997 - 2006)
- Latest challnger for the Australian Land Speed Record at Lake Gairdner, South Australia
- ATAR jet engine from RAAF Mirage fighter plane
- 18,000 lbs thrust
- 36,000 horsepower
- Maximum speed 641 mph

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