17th - 18th June

48 starters 20 classified finishers

Every major manufacturer such as Ford and Renault took 3 years to win, Jaguar and Peugeot took 2 but McLaren did it first time out. Had it not rained for half the race and Andretti not caused a hold-up for the Courage by crashing the story woulds have been different. The Kremer was a modified 962 Porsche and the Ferraari 333 lasted just an hour.


The Mulsanne straight broken up by two chicane.


WSC sports prototypes max power 470-630bhp weight 888 kg fuel 80 litres width 16"

LMP2 sports prototypes max power 400-450bhp weight 620 kg fuel 80 litres width 12"

GT1 Gran Turismo max power 420-850bhp weight 900-1300 kg fuel 100 litres width 12"

GT2 Gran Turismo max power 380-590bhp weight 900-1300 kg fuel 100 litres width 14"


48 cars : manufacturersJapan: 5 Toyotas, 2 Mazdas.:

Ferrai 4, Kremer 2, Mazda 1, Norma1, Tiga 1, WR 2, Courage 2, Debora 1, Nissan 2, McLaren 7, Sard 1, Toyota 1, Chevrolette 4, Porsche 9, Venturi 3, Honda 3, Lister 1, Jaguar 2, Marcos 2,


The start was lead away by the 2 WRs - by the end of the first hour the Gonin car had pulled a lead of 1'36" over the dualing McLaren and Courage. The Ferrari blew its engine after carving through the field. In the rain Stuck crashed the Kremer but got going again by 6pm the McLaren of Andy Wallace had pulled into the lead. The Nielsen - Mass car lead by 7pm by which time a Courage had been disqualified and another went out with a flat battery while the Gonin flew into the air and landed on its roll bar saving the drivers life.

Before 8pm Andrietti crashed the Courage and the Lister went out. Lindsay Owen Jones gentleman driver would remember the sixth hour as his team mates had put the car into the lead and then the barrier. This put the Mass car into the lead even though it had not got a working wiper. Just before midnight Andreas Fuchs in the leading GT2 Porsche took out the 4th place 911 at the Mulsanne corner. In the Kremer pits things were not good they were 5 laps down and not as fast as the Courage which was taking time out of them every lap. During the 2 to 3 am hour the Maurty Laribiere - Sourd - Poulain made up a lot of lost ground and the Nissan's chances improved with the leading McLaren going out. At half distance the Wallace - Bell McLaren Lead. The Dalmas McLaren was next with the Andretti Courage in third. Around 9am the WR went out with electrical problems and the sole surviving Venturi went out neared 10am.

On a dry track the Helary Courage passed Bell in front of the pits to be only 2 laps down on the leading pair. Mean while the 2 leading McLarens got to with seconds of one another until Bell push whilst leading. With 2 hours to go Bell lead by 2 minutes but suffering gear selection after pitting the Dalmas took over the lead with the Courage chasing hard. At the flag it was McLaren Courage McLaren.


The overall distance and speed records were Lehto - Dalmas and Sekiya covered a distance of 4055.8 Km at 168.992. Wollek gave Courage the fastest race lap record in 3'53"36, a speed of 209.805 km/h. In practice the WR LM 94 LMP2 car managed a 3'46"05 lap at an average of 216.589 to be fastest.

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