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16th - 17th June


After the 1999 race, most of the manufacturers in the top classes went in different directions. BMW and Toyota went into Formula One, while Mercedes-Benz left sportscars after the CLR accidents, returning to the DTM. Nissan also left due to financial difficulties. Other than the French privateers Pescarolo, Oreca and DAMS, only Audi and Panoz remained from the previous year, while newcomer Cadillac joined.


A short snippet of the 2000 Le Mans 24 Hours race. In order of incidents and other things: The start of the race 7.43pm, Laurent Aiello (I think) of the No.9 Team Joest Audi R8 gets unbalanced after riding on the kerbs and spins at Indianapolis. It would continue on in the lead but it lost 15 seconds. Before 11pm, There is a problem for the No.9 Audi as the right rear axle needs work so the car goes in the garage. It is having its rear replaced with transmission and suspension. It turns out to be quicker than replacing the axle! The bodywork on in about six minutes. Amazing. 7.45am on Sunday, Allan McNish clocks up the fastest lap of the race with a 3m 37.359s (225.332 km/h on lap 233) Just before 4pm, three Audis are in formation for the finish. At 4pm, Emmanuele Pirro finishes the race in the #9 Audi R8 (shares with Frank Biela and Tom Kristensen

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