Cadillac, the parade horse from the stables of General Motors since 1909, is considered by many people to be the paradigm of luxury. The vehicle is loved by the rich of the world. Nevertheless, can a Caddy be compared with a Rolls Royce or an expensive Mercedes-Benz? The vehicle from Detroit remains more widely accessible than a Rolls-Royce or a Mercedes. In 1953, Rolls-Royce built a small number of cars of the Silver Wraith and Silver Dawn models, and perhaps one or two of the Phantom IV. Only a limited number of the Mercedes 300 was produced in Stuttgart. But Cadillac sold 98,612 cars in 1953, including more than 85,000 of the Eldorado type alone. Can such a car still be called exclusive? But in the end, don't forget the Eldorado Special Sport Convertible Coupe, a cabriolet of which only 532 could be sold, and only with difficulty. Why so few? In this case, the main culprit was the price. The car cost $7,750 in America, which was a lot of money, especially compared with the 'normal' Eldorado cabriolet, available for only $4,144.
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HARLEY EARL (1893-1969) Harley Earl penned the Cadillac Eldorado, Chevrolet Corvette and Buick Skylark and gave the American car its chromium pomp and ceremony. As General Motors' Chief of Design, he was responsible for the shape of 50 million cars. Few men have had such an influence on man-made objects.

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