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Jim Clark Sports Man of Year 1963


Not since Fangio's retirement has a World
Champion been so universally acclaimed as
Clark. His six victories have been clear cut,
his points total from six wins out of nine events representing a possible. He has won two races (Rheims and Monza) when his car was nothing like the fastest on the circuit, while his efforts across the Atlantic on the banked ovals at Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Trenton
have shaken the motor raci ng world.

All this success on race tracks has brought
Clark world fame. Readers of the" Daily Express" last month voted Jim Clark as Britain's Sportsman of the Year-the first time the award has gone to a racing driver. The
Guild of Motoring Writers elected him Driver
of the Year, while In the U.S.A. Jim has been
profiled by " Life" and" Sports Illustrated."
Despite his renown as a racing driver, Jim
Clark still regards himself as a farmer and frets when he is away from Edington Mains for
more than a few days at a time. But he is
now reconciled to his dual life, and says of
his nelghbours, "They used to think I
was mad, always dashing off to motor races now they feel I am doing something for Scotland."

Fame has made new demands on the 27year-old Scot: demands for public appearances, unending" requests fOI' interviews, offers of endorsement fees. Somehow" he manages to keep everybody happy. He is developing into a ftuent speaker, his shyness has almost
gone, and his tastes now extend to really good food and London's night life. Jim even tried the II shake" recentiYj he Isn't the world's greatest shaker, but how many males would not agree with the Portuguese playboy-driver, Mario Cabral, who said, " I wish he
could dance like me and I drive like him "?

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