Designed by a team accustomed to winning Formula 1 Grand Prix, the BRM Bee Four ERV is the ultimate Electric Racing Vehicle. Designed to win races and show how motor sport can be fast, quiet and green the BRM Bee Four ERV can achieve a top speed of 250 mph. The BRM Bee Four ERV will revive the famous BRM brand. BRM is a previous winner of the British Speed Hill Climb championship, the F1 world Drivers and Constructors championships and a total of 17 F1 Grand Prix’s, with Graham Hill and Sir Jackie Stewart as two of the winning drivers.

Yet another famous British automotive name is to be resurrected in 2009, with the news that Bee Automobiles’ recently announced 250 mph AWD electric racing car will compete as the BRM Bee Four ERV in the British Hill Climb Championships this year. The car should be an awesome beastie as it is reportedly using a new topology of electric motor featuring a segmented armature and the novel use of materials. Each 13 kg motor (one for each wheel) delivers a peak torque of 130Nm (10Nm/kg) and peak power of about 50kW. Simulations show that the same motor, developed by the Electronic Power Group within the Engineering Department at the University of Oxford, is capable of achieving a peak torque of over 200Nm and a peak power of over 150kW.


Author: ArchitectPage