PARDON THEIR DUST DEPT: There they were, out there on the Bonneville Salt Flats-two cars, a man and a woman, and a bunch of people to look after tires and things. The man was Art Arfons of Akron, Ohio and the woman was Betty Skelton of Detroit, Michigan. The cars were the Green Monster and the Cyclops, both built by Arfons. What they were there for, in that miserable place (Dec. 1965), was to go faster than anybody ever had-and just like in the movies, that's what they did. Art had established the Land Speed Record in 1964 in the ungainly-looking Green Monster. Nobody'd broken it, so he set a different record this year the standing quarter-mile at 258.62 mph. Betty Skelton was out to break Paula Murphy's LSR of 226 mph. She fired up the Cyclops and was gone, whistling down the black line. At the end of the two runs, her average was 277.62 mph, and that was good enough for the books. Betty Skelton is rewriting the books, by the way. She holds more aviation and automotive records combined than anybody in history. She once flew a Piper Cub to a light plane altitude 'record of 29,050 feet, and she's got a gang of stock and sports car speed and endurance records to her name.

If someone betters, her record, Betty will 'op it back to the Flats and go fast all over again.

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