We are continuously improving the site and adding new ways for our viewers to enjoy fast cars and motor racing.

We would like you to advertising your company and its services and products on our site. We have a very large audience.

The present cost to advertise on our website is 100-00 Pounds for a year. ,,,,,, (Approximate European price 115 Euros & American price 150 Dollars)

Simply use this paypal button.

All adverts will be put up within 5 working days of the date you supply us with pictures and information.

The price includes:

Your advert which will be moved from page to page to give an even coverage across the whole website.
We will enter you on our list of advertisers pages.
We will list you on the links page for your type of product or service or both.

Once you are on our site list of advertisers, we will accept and put up articles, copy, pictures and/or video provided according to our terms and conditions. The news pages can be employed by you to promote your companys products. Each and all of these items will be automatically linked to your website if required.

As you will note our e-mail to you has a unique number which is your future reference and should be quoted with your news, etc. and with any and all correspondence.

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