Paul Hawkins


written in mid sixties

AUSTRALIAN driver, Paul Hawkins, who has never been known to call a spade a garden implement for digging, won the Targa Florio in a Porsche and followed this up a week later with a win in his Ford GT at Silverstone. I shouldn't imagine that Hawkins has appeared very high up in anyone's form books umil now because he has never been blessed with works support, and has probably never wished to have it. He owns the Ford GT and says this makes all- the difference. "You don't have to have a federal case everytime you want to make a change on the car. You can set it up the way you want it-not the way some team manager thinks it should be done!"

This sort of individual thinking probably wouldn't go across in most works teams, but People Who Know are aware of the fearsome Hawkins potential. Huschke von Hanstein gave Paul a works drive in the 1,000-kilometre race at the Niirburgring last year and he brought the fuel-injected, 906 Carerra 6 home in fourth place overall-the only works car to finish. At the Targa he drove a Porsche 910 fitted with a 300 b.h.p. flat-eight 2.2-litre fuel injected engine and 13in.-wheels to a good win. But here again the Hawkins jut-jawed tenacity is showing through. He doesn't like the dampers that the works Porsches use, and at last von Hanstein has agreed to let him try Konis. He flew to the 'Ring the day after his Martini Trophy win to test a new Porsche for the 1,000 km-presumably fitted with Konis!

Hawkins is doing "very well thank you" in his loner racing efforts. He is soon taking delivery of a Group 6 Lola GT which he will fit with a "5.5-litre Chevvy and drive with Frank Gardner in long-distance races. He will keep the Ford for Group 4 racing. He also owns a pair of D-type Jaguars, one of them OKV3 which was the first winning D-type-:-Wharton and Whitehead drove it to win the '81 Rheims 12-hour race in 1954. He plans to sell one of the Ds soon for around £3,000 which, as he says, isn't" bad for someone who arrived in this country seven years ago with £35 in his pocket and a strong desire to go motor racing!

Paul Hawkins

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