625 These cars were rebuilds of the 500s, with a 2498cc (94 x 90mm) version of the four-cylinder engine, rated at 210bhp early in 1954 and 245bhp later that year. The 553 engine was also used in this chassis. Six cars were retained by the works team as a back-up for the 553, but in fact were preferred to it. Others were sold to independents.

A 625 was driven to GP victory in 1954, by Gonzalez at Silverstone. They were competitive in secondary races that year, and served on into 1955, but were placed in the top-six only occasionally, in a season that was bleak for Ferrari, save for Trintignant's lucky win at Monaco.

Drivers: Alberto Ascari, C. Bucci, Giuseppe Farina, Froilan Gonzalez, Mike Hawthorn, Roger Laurent, 'Pierre Levegh', Umberto Maglioli, Robert Manzon, Marquis de Portago, Reg Parnell, Harry Schell, Jacques Swaters, Piero Taruffi, Maurice Trintignant.

555 The first Ferrari with a space frame, and lines that led to it being dubbed 'Squalo' (shark) - rather oddly, as its midriff bulge around the fuel tanks was most unshark like. It first appeared as an F2 car at the 1953 Italian GP, with a 1997cc four-cylinder engine, and was then brought out in 1954 with a till 2497cc (100 x 79.5mm) version of the power unit for which 240bhp was claimed. Drivers did not like its handling, and changes to the engine position (within restricted limits) did not help. However, a change to coil spring front suspension late in 1954 did make a difference, and Hawthorn drove this revised car to win the Spanish GP.

With a new frame and modified rear suspension, repositioned radiator and lower lines, it became the 555 Supersqualo for 1955. That year many races were cancelled and the 555s started only 14 times, recording nine finishes with best placings third in Belgium and Italy. The erstwhile Lancia D50s had priority in 1956, although 555s (one with a Lancia V-8) were run in a couple of Argentine races.

Drivers: Eugenio Castellotti, Peter Collins, Giuseppe Farina, Paul Frere, Olivier Gendebien, Froilan Gonzalez, Mike Hawthorn, Umbel10 Maglioli, Robel1 Manzon, Harry Schell, Piero Taruffi, Maurice Trintignant.

Bugatti Type 251 1956

Lancia D50 1955

Gordini Type 32 GP 1955

BRM P25 GP 1955


196 Mercedes

Maserati 250

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Maurice Trintignant in one of the straightforward 625s on the Reims pits straight during practice for the 1954 French GP.

Squalo and Supersqualo - Gonzalez (above) in a 553 in the 1954 French GP and Hawthorn (below) in a 555 in the 1955 Dutch GP.

Obvious differences are in the nose, lower bonnet line and scuttle.