GT's FROM THE 60's
Aston Martin DBS


Introduction to USA

NEW Aston Martin, the DBS has been introduced in England. Mechanically the new car is similar in many respects to the current DB6 (which will be continued in production) - dohc 6~cyl 4-liter engine, 5-speed all-synchro gearbox, dual braking system, steel platform type chassis, and so on. The body is all new, however, panelled in aluminum and considerably greater in bulk though the pleasant proportions make it appear smaller in the photographs. The DBS is 6 in. wider than the DB6, which gives a useful increase in passenger space, and is 1.5 in. longer overall. De Dion type rear suspension is used on the new model in place of the live rear axle traditional on the DB series. Basic list price of the car in England (not including Purchase Tax) is $12,500, approximately $3000 more than the DB6.

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Author: ArchitectPage