36hp ENGINE/CAR Guidelines

BASIC ENGINE: 36hp (25hp) engine case (block) with stock 36hp cylinder head studs in stock locations(8mm studs O.K.), original VW 36hp head, Okrasa, Denzel and aftermarket 36hp heads with or without modifications (no 1200-1600cc or Porsche based heads!). All engine sheet metal, to include a “functioning generator and cooling fan” are mandatory in all engine classes along with stock 36hp or period 36hp aluminum valve covers and gaskets(replica alloy valve covers for 36hp heads are O.K.!). Transmission must be a Volkswagen 4 speed swing(non-synchro or full-synchro)  or I.R.S.  original or modified Bug transmission( five speed conversions and Hewland style transmissions not permissible!). The front end may be lowered using commonly available VW axle beams or devices “excluding NARROWED axle beams” in ALL classes! Rear sway bars or camber compensators are acceptable and “Moon Disc” style hub cabs when securely installed following USFRA, ECTA and Texas Mile  guidelines may be used in ALL classes.

NOTE: Nitrous systems are not allowed in 36hp Challenge cars or 130 Mile Per Hour Club categories ! ! !


SS (Stone Stock)-Stock 36hp engine with single 28 PCI carburetor with no modifications. Must be equipped with a stock VW style exhaust system and tips, air cleaner, VW Bosch branded distributor and coil(Pertronix Ignitor, full flow oil system and engine balancing are O.K.!). Extractor exhaust systems not allowed!


SSS (Super Stock Single)-Modified singleport 36hp engine with single 28PCI carburetor. Requires any Bosch distributor and coil. No displacement, camshaft or header limitations.


DSS (Dual Super Stock)-Pre 1965 period style dual carburetor and non-28PCI single carburetor systems only, fitted to modified stock VW 36hp cylinder heads or period aftermarket 36hp dual port cylinder heads(or replicas)! Requires any Bosch distributor and coil. Dual spark plug conversions O.K.. No displacement, camshaft or header limitations.


K36 (Supercharged/Kompressor)-Any pre-1970 mechanically driven supercharger. Requires any Bosch distributor and coil. Dual spark plug conversions O.K..  No displacement, camshaft or header limitations. Dual period correct superchargers are  acceptable.


NA36 (NEW AGE)-Any turbocharged or post 1971 supercharger or non-traditional external engine modifications. Nitrous not allowed! No displacement limitations within the stock cylinder head stud locations. Camshaft, exhaust and ignitions systems are open. Exhaust systems on turbocharged New Age bugs can exit through the deck lid.


BODY/VEHICLE-Any year Type 111/113/133 stock Volkswagen Beetle, Super Beetle or Cal Look sedan body with stock VW bumpers(NOTE: Convertible and sliding cloth sunroof bodies require added safety equipment-(i.e. bolt-in 4 point roll bar available from EMPI suppliers- part #3116  ). Type 1 Karmann Ghia bodied cars will compete in separate categories (as described above) and will not be eligible for recognition beyond 36hp Challenge Record listings or be eligible for top speed 36hp Beetle records.  All metal body and fenders with all lights, VW bumpers, and running boards in place and functioning. Wiper blades & arms, antenna, outside mirrors and license plates may be removed during competition but must be in place prior to and through technical inspection. Interior must include two front seats, rear seat back(bottom portion of rear seat may be left out), headliner and door panels.                                                                                                                                 


SAFETY EQUIPMENT (contact each respective sanctioning body for latest 130 MPH CLUB( or equivalent ) rules and race dates before you plan on competing!).

Basic Minimum guidelines(36hp Classes only!):

1.     2 point seat belt(USFRA only! ! !) for cars BELOW 100 M.P.H.  ( VW’s above 100 M.P.H. will be required to have 3 point seat belts( see www.saltflats.com ).

2.     3 point seat belt(ECTA & TEXAS MILE only! ! !) www.ecta-lsr.com

3.     Full face helmet(Snell 2000 or later approved with visor!).

4.     Dual (2) throttle return springs.                                                                                                          

5.   Excellent condition “S” rated tires (to 112 mph!) inflated to 50 pounds with hub caps and trim rings removed( H rated tires required if speed exceeds 100 mph!). Properly fitted Moon Discs hubcaps are allowed (Plus they look great!).

6.   Metal valve stem caps (all cars running above 100 MPH will be equipped with METAL

      VALVE STEMS ! ! !) .

7.   Overall sound and safe vehicle, licensed and insured for street operation. You must     

      present both your current state drivers license and vehicle insurance card during        

      tech  inspection ! ! !                             

8.   Sanctioning body specific membership and entry fees.

9.   “NO NITROUS” or alcohol may be used for fuel. Race gas &  high octane pump gas is O.K.

      ( Revision-E-85 pump gas is NOT ALLOWED ! ! ! ).

10.  Fire extinguisher “securely” mounted inside passenger compartment.

11.  “ALL” loose items inside passenger compartment and trunk must be removed (including      

        spare tire and jack).

12.  Battery must be “secured” to floor pan with permanent stock or improved fixture.                                                   


DATES 2009

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2 pictures from 1961

the 36 hp record set in 61 was only finally beaten in 2008

pictures from 2008 off www.burlyb.com.

the 36 hp record set in 61 was only finally beaten in 2008