1962 Season Formula 1 Teams

The leading Grand Prix team, despite some managerial setbacks last year, has once again signed up the largest number of drivers. The four shown here will run the F-l cars. In sports or GT races they will be augmented by Mike Parkes, Olivier Gendebien and Willy Mairesse. Backing them up will be many private teams.


Until they get the flat-eight engine putting out more, this well-run team, managed by Huschke von Hanstein, will continue to suffer from inadequate speed and acceleration. Despite the factory's interest in sports and GT events, as well as F-l, these two drivers often make independent arrangements for additional rides outside their basic contract. with the Porsche factory.


Team Lotus picked Trevor Taylor to back Clark up in their F -1 season. Dependent on Coventry Climax for their engines, they will install V - 8s as soon as they get them.


Teamed with Tony Maggs, this New Zealander may surprise everyone this year if the Climax V - 8 turns out plenty of power. He won the 1959 U.S. GP and was fourth last year.


The BRM team has already had two strokes of bad luck: Hill suffered a slipped disc when he lifted a heavy suitcase (it caused him to skip his ride at Sebring with Bonnier) while Ginther was hospitalized with bad burns after a fuelline came loose on a BRM he was testing, However, several private BRM V-8s will be raced.

Moss's patron is Rob Walker (you've heard of Johnny Walker whisky) and his car is a Lotus. Rumors mention a new Maserati F-l and even that he may drive F-ls for Ferrari. Brabham has his own firm, Brabham Racing Developments, but until its F-l car is ready he, too, will drive an F-l Lotus (to John Cooper's chagrin.)

British Independents
U.D.T. - Laystall

United Dominion Trust is a major installment-plan finance company, and Laystall is essentially a speed shop. It's very much as though the Bank of America combined with Ed Iskenderian to sponsor an Indy car. The team goes to most Championship GPs. Like others, they will be getting new Lotus F-ls and Climax or BRM V-8s.

Bowmaker - Yeoman

This is another fast-stepping finance company's team. They are gambling that the Lola F-l with a Climax V-8 will be just the car for former motorcycle champ Surtees and the capable Salvadori, who has been racing since just after World War II. Lola has no works team, so they can be assured of the best Broadley can offer.

Scuderia Republica Di Venezia

Formerly named Scuderia Serenissima, this well-organized team is directed by Nello Ugolini (formerly with Maserati and Ferrari). They pulled off a success at Sebring,

augmented with extra drivers Bonnier and Bianchi. This team concentrates on sportscar racing but if Maserati does produce an F-l machine, they may be expected to campaign one, perhaps with French veteran Maurice Trintignant at the wheel of it.


Driving OSCAs for the Maserati brothers will be England's Colin Davis, son of S.C.H. "Sammy" Davis, and Ludovico Scarfiotti.

Ecurie National Belge

This team, made up of Belgian drivers as its name indicates, concentrates on the Belgian GP and Le Mans. ENB enters a varied collection of sports cars and, in Formula One races, runs several variations on the Cooper theme. Its drivers also race for other teams-Lucien Bianchi won Sebring driving under Serenissima colors with Sweden's Joakim Bonnier, who normally drives for Porsche.


Besides these major teams there are many smaller ones whose activities fluctuate with their financial health. America's Camoradi team, headed by Lucky Casner, will also have Tom Ryan and Ian Burgess as drivers. Centro-Sud has signed up Massimo Natili and rallyist Erik Carlsson. Wolfgang Seidel's Scuderia Colonia will have Michael May. They will drive Lotus F-1s, one with a 170bhp Borgward twin-earnfour, the other with a new BRM V-8 when available.


Phil Hill ............Ricardo Rodreguez

Lorenzo Bandini ..........Giancarlo Baghetti

Jo Bonnier

Dan Gurney

Jim Clark ...........Trevor Taylor
Bruce McLaren...........Tony Maggs
Graham Hill .........Richie Ginther
Stirling Moss.............Jack Brabham
Innes Ireland...............Masten Gregory
John Surtees..........Roy Salvadori
Giorgio Scarlatti

Nino Vaccarella

Carlo Mario Abate

Colin Davis
Olivier Gendebien

Lucien Biachi

Willy Mairesse